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The Plague

Dimensions:  40" x 60" 

The Plague was inspired by a trip to Walmart.  The birds depicted are called Grackles.  They are known for their long black iridescent feathers which are quite striking and for the huge numbers that tend to invade large retail parking lots.  They don't seem to fear humans or cars and can appear to be quite aggressive.   Grackles are frequently referred to as The Plague because of those tendencies. 


2020 has been a year filled with beauty, death, internal battles, and an ever-growing plague.  It reminded Linda of how we can collectively be looking at the same exact thing but see something so totally different.... some seeing blankets of beauty while others see body bags of death.  That has been the year 2020, The Plague.  Collectively we worked together to reflect that vision.


This painting was intended to not only reflect the beauty of the birds but to also reflect the ominous plague that some see hiding in plain view as they swarm.   There are two fused glass grackles attached to the painting.  They were made from iridescent glass to reflect their beautiful plumage but were placed in ominous stances to reflect their danger. 

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Linda Murray

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Dimensions:  40" x 60" 

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