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Photo by Fotos by Joan Photography

Glass Fusion became my “accidental” passion about 12 years ago. My love of glass began when I was looking to take an upholstery class with a friend at a local community college. That class was full so we opted for a beginner “Glass Fusing Class” and my journey began. One class, and I was hooked! I finally found a way to show my view of the world in a medium that was as unpredictable as my dreams.


I have spent the last several years educating myself and honing my craft. My art is truly my view of the world. That view, coined by one friend as “CS Logic", embraces my heritage, my personal history, and my love for the unpredictable. The medium of glass provides an avenue where all those competing thoughts can exist in one convenient and sometimes inconvenient box.


My work process is sometimes very structured and planned and other times very organic and sometimes a combination of both.  CS Logic allows techniques and creativity to intersect for me in a way that ensures that the mood of the glass as well as the mood of the artist.  Its more than pretty glass!  

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